Student Details

AboriginalTorres Strait IslanderSouth Sea Islander


No, English onlyYes

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Hearing/DeafAcquired Brain ImpairmentPhysicalVisionIntellectualMedical ConditionLearningMental Illness


Year 12Year 11Year 10Year 9 or equivalentYear 8 or lowerDid not go to school

Previous Qualifications Achieved

Bachelor Degree or Higher DegreeAdvanced Diploma or Associate DegreeCertificate IV (or Advanced Certificate)Certificate III (or Trade Certificate)Certificate II Diploma (or Associate Diploma)Certificate ICertificates other than above

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I have read and understood the Student Handbook and the Course Brochure.

I agree to abide by Australian Employment and Training Services policies and procedures (available from AEATS) and acknowledge that facilities and resources made available to myself will be used in accordance with the principles of proper use and relevant rules.

I confirm the accuracy of the information provided.

I understand I must provide evidence of concession eligibility at the time of enrolment. Subsequent evidence will not be accepted.

If under the age of 18 years, this form must be signed by a parent/guardian to complete enrolment. This includes consent for the student to access the Internet through Australian Employment and Training Services.

I agree to the Student Declaration as stated on the AEATS Enrolment Form

Issues may arise that are beyond Australian Employment and Training Services (AEATS) control which may affect its ability to deliver programs. Whilst every effort will be made to conduct all programs as advertised or scheduled, AEATS reserves the right to change or otherwise revise any program related issues including programs offered, class timetables, class locations and teacher/assessor allocations. AEATS will make every reasonable attempt to advise students of any changes made to their selected program. The details in this document are correct at the time of printing.

Privacy Statement
Australian Employment and Training Services (AEATS) is required to provide the Department of Education, Training and the Arts with a copy of this information which will be used for vocational education and training administration. The information collected on this form may contribute towards the Queensland Certificate of Education and will be used for the purpose of the Education (General Provision) Act 2006 and the Education (Queensland Studies Authority) Act 2002. In addition, the information may be used for planning, communication, research and marketing activities undertaken by the Department and Australian Employment and Training Services. Your personal information may be disclosed by the Department to Australian Government and State Government agencies, including the National Centre for Vocational Education and Research, Queensland Studies Authority and Education Queensland. If you need further information, please feel free to ask us how and when your information will be used and to whom it will be disclosed.

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