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Credit Transfer

We provide Academic Credit Transfer for our students free of charge. Credit Transfer is only available for units of competency that have been deemed by the Training Package as having equivalent competency outcomes. Credit Transfer applications must be submitted as part of the enrolment process; however, students are welcome to attend classes for the credited units as a knowledge refresher, without being assessed.

If you have completed previous relevant study, please download the Credit Transfer Application form and return it, along with a copy of your qualifications (unit results page included) to admin@aeats.com.au

What is RPL?

Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) is a process where you can use your existing knowledge, skills and experiences gained through life experiences and/or other employment to demonstrate your competency in particular unit/s. When you apply for RPL, you are essentially saying ‘I already know all about this unit, so I don’t need training’. RPL is an assessment process only and no training is provided. The purpose of this procedure is to ensure each student’s evidence of prior learning is systematically assessed for recognition purposes in alignment with the rules of evidence as determined by the Vocational Education Training (VET) industry regulatory body, the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

How are my skills assessed?

Please note, RPL is not necessarily a quick process. A student is required to collate and coordinate evidence to show they have sufficient, valid and current knowledge and skills equivalent to the qualification they are enrolled in. Your skills will be assessed against industry standards. This is done by an AEATS Trainer Assessor.

During the RPL process, you may be asked to:

  • Provide details about how current and previous employment, previous training and other learning relates to the unit requirements
  • Complete a self-evaluation of the knowledge and skills you possess against the unit criteria, and provide evidence of the completion of those competencies
  • Engage in competency conversation to discuss your knowledge and skill with the Trainer
  • Complete workplace tasks and provide evidence of this (video / photographs)
  • Provide validation from a supervisor about typical workplace performance.

You may have to provide job descriptions, references or performance appraisals. The Assessor will consider your skills and knowledge and match them against a suitable accredited unit outcome. RPL is about the student proving that the knowledge, skills and experience they have matches a unit or qualification. The student drives the RPL process by collating evidence to demonstrate their current knowledge, current skills and current experience that are relevant to the qualification they are seeking.

Once the evidence has been collated by the student and submitted, an AEATS Trainer Assessor will consider the evidence of skills and knowledge the student has provided, matching this evidence against the relevant qualification.

What are the work requirements for RPL?

You need to be currently employed in a position that allows you to demonstrate the skills required for the unit and/or qualification and have a minimum of Two (2) years proven experience. This enables our Assessors to see you fulfilling the requirements of the unit to assess your competency. You will also need a supervisor in that workplace willing to sign you off on the competencies required.

I’ve heard RPL is a quicker or easier way to finish my course. Is that true?

Yes! However, it is only quicker if you already have the skills and knowledge needed to complete the unit. If you don’t already have these skills and knowledge, you may find it will take you longer to complete the unit through RPL as you will need to research and investigate the information you need. However, if you completed the unit, all the information will be provided to you and a Trainer will support you with the learning.

What happens if I decide to do RPL but then discover that I don’t have the knowledge and skills needed?

All you need to do is telephone AEATS and transfer from an RPL to a unit. If you submit an RPL and your Assessor marks it as ‘Not Yet Competent’ due to not having sufficient skills and/or knowledge, your Assessor will request you transfer to a Unit too. This will allow you to gain the knowledge and skills required.


There is an RPL Application fee of $250.00 per person, per qualification, to review your application. This is not payable until Step 2, so you may consider evidence required at Step 1, prior to making your decision. This fee is a non-refundable fee, regardless of outcome. Once all evidence has been submitted and approved, a competency conversation will be charged at $90.00 per unit. This fee is non-refundable, regardless of outcome. Please feel free to call office to have an obligation free discussion regarding the fees or the process.

Step 1

  • Contact the AEATS office for an obligation free conversation to see if RPL is right for you
  • An AEATS team member will then email you the relevant qualification information pack
  • Review the RPL Process Flowchart
  • Review the Self-Assessment checklists
  • Review the RPL Evidence required
  • Review the Third-Party Reports required
  • Consider whether RPL is right for you
  • Call and discuss the evidence required with an AEATS team member

Step 2

  • if you would like to continue the RPL process, tell the AEATS team member and which units you would like to apply for and you will be allocated an Assessor.
  • Make payment for initial application ($250.00 per person, per qualification)
  • Complete the relevant Self-Assessment checklists
  • Collate the relevant RPL Evidence, list on the RPL Evidence Tool
  • Your Assessor will communicate what format they will accept evidence
  • Tell your Workplace Supervisor that you are applying for RPL and ask them to complete a Third-Party report for each unit

Step 3

  • Send the completed Self-Assessment & RPL Evidence to your Assessor

Your Assessor will:

  • review your RPL application
  • let you know if they require any further information
  • make an initial assessment decision based on the information provided
  • Your Assessor will decide and communicate which units are suitable for pursuing
  • Contact you to arrange an RPL competency conversation (interview)

Step 4

  • Make payment for the units in which you have chosen to proceed ($90.00 per unit)
  • Provide your Assessor with the Third-Party reports from your Supervisor
  • Participate in the RPL interview

Step 5

  • Your Assessor will conduct interviews with your professional referees
  • Request additional evidence from you if required
  • Your Assessor will arrange a workplace observation if required

Step 6

  • Workplace observations, videos, photos, and last evidence items are collated
  • Assessor makes final decisions
  • If there are units that are not achieved through RPL, your Assessor will let you know, and you will be invited to attend classes (separate tuition fees apply)
  • You will be issued an AQF Qualification or a Statement of Attainment for the units deemed approved for RPL

Please feel free to call the office to have an

obligation free discussion regarding the process: 1300 630 366

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