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As an employer if I take on an Apprentice or Trainee what subsidies are available to me?

Both commonwealth and State Governments may offer incentives to employers who take on either a new trainee or apprentice or wish to upskill existing worker under an Apprenticeship program. The amount os subsidies available can differ greatly depending on the type of Apprenticeships, the apprentice or trainee you employ and the location of the employment itself.

Example 1

An employer signs up a new trainee in a Certificate III in Business Administration traineeship. They will receive an initial payment after 3 months of $1500 and a further $2500 after the trainee has completed their traineeship program. In addition to this, the employer may be eligible for Boosting Apprenticeships Commencements and  receive 50% of the trainees wage up to $7000 every 3 months in the apprentices first year..

What is Boosting Apprenticeships Commencements?

To assist with the recovery from the impact of COVID-19, the Australian Government is providing support to all employers who engage a new Australian Apprentice. The $1.2 billion Boosting Apprenticeship Commencements wage subsidy will support businesses and Group Training Organisations to take on new apprentices and trainees, to build a pipeline of skilled workers to support sustained economic recovery.

Any businesses or Group Training Organisation that engages an Australian Apprentice on or after 5 October 2020 may be eligible for a subsidy of 50 per cent of wages paid to an apprentice between 5 October 2020 and 30 September 2021, to a maximum of $7,000 per quarter.

This assistance will support 100,000 new apprentices across Australia, and is in addition to the Supporting Apprentices and Trainees wage subsidy which is helping small and medium businesses to keep their apprentices and trainees in work and training.


For further information in relation to Apprenticeship subsidies please click here or call us for an initial discussion around potential eligibility

A Guide to engaging on a new Trainee or Apprentice.

The process of employing a Trainee or Apprentice can be difficult and confusing. AEATS has experienced experts who can help guide you through the process to help ease the burden and confusion.

Click here to download our Guide to employing an Apprentice.

What support and training will we receive throughout the Apprenticeship program?

The very nature of a new Apprenticeship to to deliver training and skill development to your workforce. This is done via a combination of both formal and on the job learning programs.

AEATS has well developed program for all of its qualification which offers both flexibility and accessibility to your Apprentices. Our online student learning portal supported by regular live and recorded video conferencing capabilities works through the trainees learning program in a sequential pattern allowing for live input and support from AEATS trainers on topical learning bites.

Many trainees will benefit from the live interaction and support offered by AEATS however their will be times due to heavy work commitments and scheduling where apprentices can catch up by viewing recent recorded sessions by AEATS trainers.

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