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Define: Traineeship

An Australian Traineeship is a learning method that combines paid-on-the-job training with formal study. Traineeships are offered across many industries and are a pathway for new and existing workers to gain a formal qualification, while on the job.

  • Subsidies

    Situation Example / Case Study:

    An employer signs up a new trainee in a Certificate III in Business Administration. They will receive an initial payment after 3 months of $1500 and a further payment of $2500 after the trainee has completed their traineeship program. In addition to this, the employer may be eligible for Boosting Apprenticeships Commencements and receive 50% of the trainees wage up to $7000 every 3 months in the apprentices first year.

    What is boosting Apprenticeship / Traineeship Commencements?

    To assist with the recovery from the impact of COVID-19, the Australian Government is providing support to all employers who engage a new Australian Apprentice. The $1.2 billion Boosting Apprenticeship Commencements wage subsidy will support businesses and Group Training Organisations to take on new apprentices and trainees, to build a pipeline of skilled workers to support sustained economic recovery.

    Any businesses or Group Training Organisation that engages an Australian Apprentice on or after 5 October 2020 may be eligible for a subsidy of 50 per cent of wages paid to an apprentice between 5 October 2020 and 30 September 2021, to a maximum of $7,000 per quarter.

    This assistance will support 100,000 new apprentices across Australia, and is in addition to the Supporting Apprentices and Trainees wage subsidy which is helping small and medium businesses to keep their apprentices and trainees in work and training.

    For further information in relation to Apprenticeship subsidies please click here or call us for an initial discussion around potential eligibility

    A Guide to engaging a new Trainee or Apprentice.

  • Why use AEATS
  • Why use AEATS?

    Australian Employment And Training Services (AEATS) is a privately owned recruitment and training company with in excess of 20 years experience in the industry.

    This experience in dealing with both large and small organisations coupled with strong business acumen, allows AEATS to be a highly viable resource to your organisation. There are six major benefits in dealing with AEATS.



    Select the best fit for your business, from on-site, online and webinar delivery.



    Commonwealth and State government funding and subsidies available.



    Our training is tailored to your traineeship & apprenticeship program.



    You are kept constantly up to date with your team member’s progress.



    We take care of training all requirements leaving you free to focus elsewhere.



    As your training partners, we’re always available via our dedicated hotline.

    Other benefits include:


    The training industry can be very complex and sometimes frustrating for employers and employees to understand. AEATS recognise this and ensure that the services and information provided is not only relevant, but in a way that is easily and clearly understood.


    AEATS understands that training can be costly, impacting on bottom line results. AEATS due to its national focus, will help to minimise the cost of training to your organisation advising you of any subsidisation opportunities available. Whilst AEATS cannot guarantee subsidisation of your training, it will however provide advice of possible opportunities that are available to you.

    Decision Making

    A major initiative of AEATS is its ability to fast track information and decision making process. All too often training organisations are not able to provide accurate and conclusive decisions to their customers due to complex layered management systems. AEATS has a hand on management structure that will deal directly with you providing superior levels of training advice and more importantly people who can make business decisions.

    National Focus

    For those organisations who wish to undertake training on a national or multi-state basis, AEATS is able to offer you a consistent, one stop shop approach. AEATS offers a free service that liaises and administrates with relevant government organisations if required in the training process. This saves you downtime and often a degree of frustration, allowing you to get back to running your business.

    Optimum Training

    AEATS due to its continues improvement strategies ensures it strives to deliver the best and most up to date training to its clients. AEATS renumerates its trainers with above award rates to ensure it recruits and maintains the best possible people for your and our organisation.

  • Traineeship Process
  • Sign-up

    At the signup you’ll typically have yourself, a workplace supervisor if this person has already been identified, the Trainee, AASN and AEATS your training provider.

    The AASN will run through the roles, responsibilities and any information on any financial incentives that may be available. Your AEATS representative will explain how the training will work and what comes next.

    A training contract will be signed by the employer and the trainee (and their parent/guardian if they’re under 18 years). We will take the original document, reporting essential information to the Department of Education, and scan a copy to all parties involved.

    Meet the Trainer

    Once the traineeship is approved by the Department of Education, AEATS will organise to get the training started.

    We will deliver our training with a combination of face-to-face, virtual and online lessons. This training method has been developed with minimal disruption on your business operations in mind, and many years of industry experience.

    Your Trainer will come out to meet you and the Trainee, run through how everything will work and get started with the first units on the training plan.

    Trainees will attend weekly virtual tutorials with their Trainer, complete assessments online, and receive bi-monthly workplace visits for training and practical assessments.


    Traineeships are approved by the Department of Education. Approvals can take anywhere from 2-12 weeks to be appointed. Once the training contract number is received the traineeship and relevant training can commence.


    Your Trainees will participate in weekly virtual tutorials with their Trainer and bi-monthly workplace site visits. Theory based assessments will be completed online, and practical assessments will be observed in the workplace.


    Every three months throughout the traineeship, AEATS will touch base to ensure that there have been no changes which might affect the Employer Resource Assessment (ERA) – If none, great! And if there are, we will arrange a time to review and update the ERA as per the government requirements. AEATS will report your trainee’s academic outcomes to the Department of Education.

    There will be key dates throughout the Traineeship where you’ll need to apply for incentive payments. Your AASN should inform you of when that is and how to go about it.


    Once your Trainee has successfully completed all units of competency within their chosen qualification, they will be issued a Certificate. Now is the time to celebrate your success! At this point you won’t have a Trainee anymore and will need to make sure their wage reflects this as per Fair Work Australia.

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